Surviving isn’t just about blowing zombie’s heads off. Depression, starvation, trust issues, loneliness, illness, insanity. These are just some of the things you have to deal with in Project Zomboid. - READ MORE


Build and craft items to help you stay alive. From weapons, food or traps to a simple plank of wood nailed to a door. - READ MORE


Protect yourself and your allies from the relentless horde with a range of weapons and defenses. - READ MORE

Community of the Dead #3: More ‘castage and Zomboid International

Hey folks time for a quick Community of the Dead round-up. First up, the latest news on the public test build R is that we’ve come up against some unexpected save corruption bugs – so we’re going to have to try your patience after our ‘two days-ish’ statement. Clearly we can’t release the build when [...]

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On the reanimated dead…

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, The Indie Stone are proud to introduce you to our new animation system – which will be a part of the coming update, and indeed the increasingly imminent public test build R. This was first created during the Easter break, which we decided to use as something of a [...]

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Community of the Dead #2: Screenshot compo results! Update news!

Take down that barricade survivor. We’re friendly. We’ve got development news, info on the latest episode of AllThingsZomboid, a public outing for the PZ team and the long-awaited screenshot competition results. Let us in! We definitely won’t bite. Indie Stone Towers are currently buzzing – Lemmy is putting the finishing touches on public test build [...]

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Community of the Dead #1: Podcast! Beever!

Hi everyone. This is the first of a regular sequence of blogs devoted to the fun stuff that our players are getting up to in the world (slightly) beyond Knox County. It’s our way of highlighting cool stuff that’s going on the forums and also, we hope, a way of showing our appreciation for the [...]

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Something wicked this way comes

Greetings Knox County Survivors. We’ve recently been running a public test of the new update on our forums, and most people who’ve played it have given us the thumbs up. As such, between marathon coding sessions, we cannot wait to get the final build out there on the wires. After running through seventeen iterations many [...]

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More Tasty Zomboid Flesh (Videos)

Morning, Zomboiders! In the run up to the public release, we’re now in a position to release videos again. Mainly because a lot of bugs that emerged during optimization that would make videos a mess are finally being quashed. So to help you survive the last few days before you can finally get your hands [...]

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Around the Corner

Hey everyone. Just a quick blog update to say we’ve gone into closed testing of the update, and things are progressing very well. As soon as the serious bugs are resolved we will open the update up to public testing on our forums. The end is nigh! In the meantime, here are some comparison shots [...]

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The ascent of Ringod

With the task countdown now at three, we thought we’d give you a brief run-down on what we’re up to at PZ Towers. Currently on Lemmy’s agenda is to fix a few bugs that have cropped up through recent task completions (there’s one to do with breakable windows, for instance, and another with grumpy furniture [...]

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On optimization and the passage of time…

Knox County evacuees, your attention please. The situation is now under control. Soon you’ll be able to return to your homes, eat delicious Spiffo burgers, sip hot beverages in the local Seahorse cafe and walk through Muldraugh’s verdant woodland. The Knox County incident is now under strict governmental control. The outbreak is contained. Well, sort [...]

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Leave it to Beever

While the task countdown to the next PZ update release ticks down on the forums, we thought it a good moment to have a chat with one our favourite contributors to the game. Zach Beever is the Project Zomboid music man, he’s a mere sixteen years old, he’s from Maryland and we feel extraordinarily lucky [...]

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